22nd FAI International Conference

Jointly organized by

The American College (Autonomous)

Madurai, Tamilnadu, India


FATER Academy of India


Mathematical, Computational Intelligence and Engineering Approaches to Healthcare, Business and Tourism Analytics 2020

22nd FAI-ICMCIE 2020

20, 21 & 22 December, 2020

Chief Patrons

Prof. B.S. Bisht

President- FATER Academy of India &
Ex.Vice Chancellor- G.B.Pant Agriculture University, Pant Nagar, Uttrakhand.

Dr. M. Davamani Christober

Principal & Secretary,
The American College,
Madurai, Tamil Nadu


Maj. Gen. (Retd.)
Dr. M.P. Singh

Vice President, FAI

Dr. C. C. Tan

Vice President -FAI,
School of Management,
MaeFahLuang University, Thailand

Prof. Nina Poyda Nosyk

Uzhhorod National University,



Prof. M. Lellis Thivagar

Vice – President (FAI)
Professor & Head,
School of Mathematics
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, INDIA

Prof. Pankaj Srivastava

General Secretary-FAI
Professor, National Institute of Technology Allahabad, India

Prof.Zinaida Zhyvko

Department of Management,
Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine

Dr. F. Müge Sakar

Dicle University,
Faculty of Management and Economics, Department of Business Administration, Diyarbakır-Turkey

Prof. N. Anbazhagan

Department of Mathematics
Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu

International Coordination Committee

International Advisory Committee

International Organizing Committee

Organizing Secretaries​

Dr. A. Amutha​​

Assistant Professor, PG & Research Department of Mathematics, The American College, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India

Dr. Meenakshi Srivastava

Assistant Professor, Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity University, Lucknow, India

Dr. Yannakorn Toprayoon

The Asoociation of Researchers of Thailand

Dr. Utpal Kumar Saha

Assistant Professor, Basic & Applied Science, NIT Arunachal Pradesh

Dr. Sunil Dutt Purohit

Secretary, FAI Rajasthan Chapter, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Dept. of HEAS (Mathematics), Rajasthan Technical University, Kota-324010, India

Dr. Brajesh Kumar Jha

Secretary, FAI Gujarat Chapter, Assistant Professor (Maths), School of Technology, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Raisen Village, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

IT Advisory Committee​



Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe

Prof. Maria Emilia Camargo

Graduate Program in Production Engineering (PPGEP) and Business Administration (PPGA)
University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil


Asso. Prof., Siirt Univ., Art and Sc. Faculty, Dept of Math., 56100 Siirt, Turkey

Prof. Pankaj Mathur

Department of Mathematics, Lucknow University, Lucknow, India

Dr. Georgia Oros

Department of Computer Science & Mathematics, University of Oradea, Romania

Dr. Liliana Guran

Department of Pharmaceutical Sc., Western University of Arad, Romania

Prof. C. C. Tan

School of Management, Mai Fah Luang Univeristy Chiang Rai Thailand

Dr. Mateus Panizzon

Graduate Program in Production Engineering (PPGEP) and Business Administration (PPGA)
University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil

Dr. Monica Felicia Bota

Department of Mathematics, Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj –Napoca, Romania

Dr. Angela Isabel dos Santos Dullis

Department of Statistics
Federal University of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Dr. Chernenko Nataliia

Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Physical Rehabilitation,
B.K.National University of Cherkasy, Ukraine

Prof. Vichian Laohakosol

Department of Mathematics, Kasetsart University, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Dr. Wilaiporn Laohakosol

Director- BMP Energy Public Company Limited, Bangkok, Thailand

Conference Sub Theme

Kindly note that, if you feel your contribution does not fit into any of the above categories, you are welcome to make your submission in the last listed category. 


Computational Mathematics

  • Soft Computing

  • Numerical linear analysis

  • Finite Element Methods

  • Numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations

  • Scientific computing

  • Non-linear systems

  • Dynamical systems

  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence

  • Genetic Programming

  • Swarm Intelligence

  • Bayesian Networks

  • Fractional Calculas & Special Functions

Probabilistic & Computation Learning

  • Stochastic process

  • Applied statistics

  • Mathematical statistics

  • Estimation Theory

  • Identification

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Neural Network

  • Machine Learning and Deep Leaning

  • Support Vector Machine

  • Bayesian

  • Principal Component Analysis

  • Decision Tree

  • Ensemble Learning

  • Neuro-science

  • DNA Computing

Optimization Techniques

  • Mathematical programming

  • Stochastic modeling

  • Decision theory

  • Game theory

  • Queuing theory

  • Reliability theory

  • Transportation problems

  • Financial mathematics

  • Inventory control

  • Scheduling

  • Optimization theory

  • Quadratic programming

  • Convex programming

  • Nonlinear programming

  • Stochastic programming

  • Combinatorial programming

  • Evolutionary Algorithms: Ant Colony

  • Particle Swarm Optimization Genetic

  • Simulated Anealing

  • Cuckoo Optimization

Pure & Fuzzy Mathematics

  • Algebra

  • Topology

  • Functional Analysis

  • Fixed Point Theory

  • Complex Analysis

  • Fuzzy Set Theory and Fuzzy Logic

  • Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory

  • Hesitant Fuzzy Set Theory

  • Neutrosophic Set Theory

  • Soft Set and Fuzzy Soft Theory

  • Rough Set Theory

  • Fuzzy Topology

  • Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topology

  • Soft Topology

  • Fuzzy system

  • Neural Fuzzy Systems

  • Type-2 Fuzzy System

  • Graph Theory 

  • Fluid Dynamics 


Computer and Information Technology

  • Software Engineering

  • Computer Networks

  • Advance Computer Architecture

  • Mobile and Pervasive Computing

  • Security and Cryptography

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing

  • High-Performance Computing

  • Data Mining & Warehousing

  • Database Management Systems

  • Expert System & its Application

  • Information Processing and Retrieval

  • Big Data and E-Science Applications

  • Internet-of-Things (IOT)

  • Internet of Everything (IOE)

  • Software-Defined Networks

  • ICT for Healthcare Algorithms & Protocols

  • Quantum Computing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Ubiquitous Computing

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Renewable Energy Systems

  • Power System Stability & Control

  • Smart Grid

  • Hybrid Electrical Vehicles

  • Power Quality

  • Intelligent Control Systems

  • Power Electronics Drives & Control

  • Optimization PLC & SCADA

  • High Voltage Engineering

  • Instrumentation and Measurements

  • Wireless Communication & Networks

  • DSP, Microprocessor based Technologies

  • Remote Sensing and Satellite Communications

  • Microwave Engineering

  • VLSI, VHDL & Chip Level Design

  • Image Processing & Applications

  • Coding and Information Theory

  • Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

  • Nano Materials and Nanotechnology

  • Superconductivity

  • Magnetism and Spintronics

  • Semiconductor Materials and Devices

  • Electrical Storage Technologies

Civil and Environment Engineering

  • Concrete Technology

  • Construction Planning, Scheduling ,

  • Control Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

  • Architecture and Town Planning

  • Bridge Engineering

  • Geology and Geo-techniques

  • Project Management

  • Quality Assessment

  • Rock Mechanics

  • Building Design and Construction

  • Water Resources Engineering

  • Steel Structures

  • Surveying

  • Environmental Risk Assessment

  • Environment and Energy

  • Industrial Safety & Hazard Management

  • Structural Dynamics

  • Earth Quake Resistance Designs

  • Resource and Environment

  • Water Pollution and Control

  • Sanitary Microbiology and Biochemistry

  • Advanced Hydrology and Groundwater

  • Advanced Materials

  • Ceramics and Polymers

  • Biophysics

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial Planning

  • Maintenance Engineering

  • Mechatronics

  • Robotics

  • Biomimetics

  • Automation

  • Vibration and Fault diagnosis

  • Heat exchangers

  • Process Control

  • Production Planning and Control

  • Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Heat and Mass Transfer

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics

  • Quality Control and Reliability

  • 3D Printing

  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Tribology

  • Energy Technology

  • Cryogenics

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Numerical Methods and Simulations

  • Condensed Matter Physics

Business Analytics

  • Data-driven Analytics and Business Management

  • Big Data Applications, Challenges and Opportunities

  • Business Intelligence

  • Business modeling

  • Business models

  • Business ecosystem and platform

  • Cloud Computing

  • Complexity and Algorithms

  • Data Engineering and Architecture

  • Data Mining Applications in Science, Engineering, Healthcare and Medicine

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Warehousing and Security

  • Data-driven Business Management

  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

  • Drive Data-driven Decisions across Business for Commercial Success

  • IoT and edge computing applications

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Data Processing for Networks

  • Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Big Data Analytics and Algorithms

  • Optimization and Big Data

  • Data Clustering


Call for Papers


  • The format for the full paper as on Springer Template or download the templates using the link: 

Springer Guidelines for Authors

Conference proceedings guidelines, word and latex template

Download LATEX Template     Download Word Template


Submission of Abstract: 19 December 2020
Acceptance of Abstract:  19 December 2020 
Submission of full-length Paper: 
20 January 2021
Registration Deadline:  19 December 2020

Paper Publication

Authors are asked to submit original Full papers of a minimum of 8 to 10 pages in the Springer Conference proceeding template. All submitted papers will be subjected to a Blind Peer Review and "Similarity (plagiarism) Test" by plagiarism checker. Paper clearing the similarity test will undergo a full paper review. Papers achieving a high similarity score will be examined and those that are deemed unacceptable will be rejected without a formal review.

All the accepted research articles will be processed for publication in Springer Proceedings/ Scopus listed journals subject to the terms and conditions of the publication partners.

Authors are advised to book their soft /hard copies of the proceedings in advance at email: 


Papers original in idea and not published elsewhere are invited on the mentioned themes and related areas. The abstract limited to 1000 words along with the name of author(s), affiliation, e-mail, mobile number, and corresponding address should be emailed on the mentioned email address. Maximum five keywords should be given along with the abstract. The abstract should be typed in Times New Roman Fonts, 12 points regular, single spacing, and 2.54 cm margin on all sides. The title should be written in 14 points; author(s) name should be in bold 11 fonts and affiliation in 12 points italics. The information about the acceptance will be sent to the authors at their emails and after acceptance, the registration form and registration fee should be transferred electronically.
  • In the case of multiple authors, there must be an intimation regarding the paper presenter and others.
  • Please note that the “Certificate of Presentation” shall be awarded to the paper presenter only, participant(s) shall be awarded "Certificate of Participation".
  • All Author will have to register separately. A single author presenting multiple papers should register for each paper separately.



*Registration Fee

International Conference- Online 

*Registration fee will be submitted through online link as mentioned in the registration form.

** with full length article to present & processing for publication.

The paid registration fees are not refunded.

  • Delegates must bear the Service Charge/transaction charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender's Side

  • The above Registration fees are for strictly one participant only. If more than one author from the same paper wants to attend they have to make separate registrations.

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